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cow and calf Buse Creek Ranch
Our cows graze on thousands of acres of pristine grassland, turning grass into protein. These vast grasslands offer diverse, plentiful vegitation, and our farming practices support the biodiversity of the land by improving soil fertility: our process eliminates the waste-management that is associated with confinement feeding practices.

We ensure that our cattle are handled in a humane manner from birth to harvest. Most of the cattle are finished at home, on barley that we roll (crack) ourselves.

For more than 30 years, we have worked to develop a herd of crossbred cattle suited to our terrain and climate. We use horses to move our animals out to range and between pastures. Humane animal handling techniques reduce stress on our herd.

We don’t use hormone implants on our cattle, their feed is 100% natural and contains no antibiotics.

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